August Updates and Improvements

Welcome to the new RecHub Blog! This August, we’re releasing new functionality and sending lots of improvements your way to better the RecHub experience. Check out all the changes below, and make sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all things RecHub.

New Feature Alert: Saved Event Searches and Easy Website Embedding

Lightbox demo

You can now integrate specific RecHub blocks directly into your website via an embedded iframe, or with a charming lightbox in the same window. Show your upcoming classes, highlighted events and more!

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New Feature Alert: Auto-Suspend Ratings after Inactivity

Crossed rating

You now have the ability to set ratings to auto-suspend when a member becomes inactive. This can be based on their last rental, attended event, or when their membership expires. Use this to ensure a member's skills are fresh when using your equipment.

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New Feature Alert: Integrate with Google and iCal Calendars

New search options

Admins can now integrate the RecHub calendars directly into their own. In this article, we'll show you how to link a filtered event search to a personal google calendar.

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Improvement: Simple Event Registration UI

We adjusted the layout of simple checkout mode to view easier on tablet and mobile.

Old v new simple checkout

Improvement: Link text color change and RecHub Logo

Text color change

We’ve darkened the link text shown in RecHub to make it easier on the eyes. For our Pinfire Club Manager clients, you'll also notice that we've switched to our new logo at the bottom of your screen.

Other Fixes and Minor Tweaks

  • We now verify membership status based on the start date of events, rather than at the time of signup. This ensures someone with a soon-to-be expired membership cannot sign up for member-only pricing on future events.
  • We fixed a bug that allowed the registration of more people than spots remaining when using the shopping cart and youth signup modes. This occurred when registering multiple children in an event within one transaction. We also now check (before payments are made) to ensure there aren't any duplicate registrations.
  • When using TRANSACTION_ITEM_LIST token in email templates, we now group items and show quantity similar to invoices.
  • We now save the values entered if there is a validation error when registering in simple signup mode. This would previously refresh to a blank signup page.
  • Fixed a few spelling errors. Thanks for pointing those out!