Features that make fun happen

With RecHub, you can manage everything from online booking and scheduling to reports, rentals and email marketing. Stop using 3+ platforms and switch to one, comprehensive software!

The Basics

Support and Training

With great power comes great responsibility! That's why we'll be with you every step of the way with one-on-one training and support. From day one, we'll help you get the most out of RecHub and stop wasting valuable time on menial tasks.

Regular Updates

We're always working to improve. That's why you'll often see new features and capabilities added at no extra cost! We take pride in adapting to our client's ever-changing needs and are happy to hear your suggestions.

Tablet and Mobile Friendly

Both customers and staff can access RecHub on-the-go! Whether it's a last-minute signup or a quick attendance check, we've got you covered.

Marketing and Communication


Simple Marketing

Use the campaign tool to send beautiful emails and newsletters with a simple, drag-and-drop HTML editor.

You can also create dynamic email lists to easily message specific groups of people. Market advanced classes to those who complete the beginner's course, announce upcoming events and deals for specific membership-types and much, much more!

Automatic Email Templates

Automatically alert a user when their signup is confirmed, a payment is due, remind them of upcoming events and lots more, with customizable email templates.

Contact Tracking and Profiles

Contacts can be anyone from a customer, lead or member, to a boat-owner, staff-member or general contact-person. With RecHub, you can keep ALL of your contacts in one place and easily sort between them.

Detailed Member and Customer Profiles

View everything from contact information to qualifications, memberships, order history and event participation.

Add comments and memos when necessary, as well as different permissions for what a user has access to. For example, public users vs members may view or do different things in RecHub - all completely customizable to your organization's needs!

Family Accounts

Link spouses together or children to parents to see detailed information for each. Users can easily sign up family members without confusion, as well as provide all of the appropriate information for each new contact.

Customer Portal

Customer portals are completely flexible depending on your business's needs. Determine what your users can see and do with special permissions.

Customizable Dashboard

Show any upcoming events, specific announcements, or simply say "Welcome" when a user logs in. Prompt users to fill out waivers, update personal information, etc. before allowing them to continue.

Online Signups

From the portal, users can view upcoming events and classes, signup, create reservations, update payment info, fill out waivers, add family members, purchase memberships and so much more!

Equipment Inventory and Maintenance

Whether it’s a fleet of J-24’s, diving gear, or just a few SUPs, keep all of your equipment organized at the touch of a button.


See all of your equipment at a glance – including what’s out for maintenance or has upcoming reservations.

Calendar and Assignments

View all upcoming reservations and assignments in as easy-to-filter calendar for the day, week or even month. Want to show all open equipment on your website? Integrate the view right in!

Maintenance and Parts Tracking

  • Allow staff (and optionally, customers) to report maintenance issues.
  • Block usage or alert a future user and prompt them to reschedule or select other equipment.
  • Assign maintenance requests to staff and track all costs involved.


Flexible Options and Payment Plans

Memberships can be date (May-August) or duration-based (3 months, 1 year, etc.). Offer different pricing tiers for different types and even make "freeform memberships" for those special, one-time exceptions.

Automatic Recurring Billing

  • Bill dues or fees monthly, annually, semi-annually - whenever!
  • Auto-charge for those that always renew or send invoices if their membership expires soon.

Discounts and POS

Memberships can be sold either online or via the point of sale. Offer discounts for different person-types (such as veteran or student) or with a coupon code.

Invoicing and Online Payments


Integrated Credit Card Processing

Keep cards on file with automatic tokenization and process payments with CardConnect directly through RecHub! We can also support over 100 different gateways linked to Spreedly.*

Automatic Recurring Billing

Easily bill for memberships and other recurring payments with automatic recurring billing. Prefer not to auto-charge? You can also send recurring payment-due invoices!

Paid and Due Invoices

Easily view and manage any paid or open invoices from one screen.

Quickly record payments or send reminders for those who need a little nudging, and make sure you're always up-to-date.


*Additional fees may apply if processing with Spreedly.

Point of Sale

Weather you're selling sunscreen, surf lessons or annual memberships, our POS is easy to use with complete invoicing functionality. Link in-person purchases to your customers to track order history, or use the Cash Sale feature for quick transactions!

Tipping, Coupon and Donation Capable

Offer discounts to students, tip your instructors and more with our complete POS. Add $1 Donation or other frequent purchases to the Favorites view for common add-ons.

Complete Invoicing Tool

Save an invoice as payment due, as a quote or even as a recurring invoice directly from the POS. Invoices can also be sent directly to the email on file with a link for online payments, ensuring your customers know exactly where to go!


Qualifications and Prerequisites


Use ratings and certifications to track who should (or shouldn't) sign up for certain classes or check out special equipment. You can automatically block beginners from signing up for advanced classes and remove a certification if you later determine someone is unqualified.

Email Lists

Easily advertise your advanced lessons! Search based on who has passed one class, but not yet taken another and create a dynamic email list. The best part? We'll save the list based on the search criteria so it automatically updates when someone takes the next class!

Rentals and Reservations

Whether you offer simple or complex rentals, allow members and customers to reserve ahead of time online! We'll automatically track how many boats, boards, tanks, whatever you have left, so you'll never have to worry about overbooking.

Self-Service Kiosk and Staff Dashboard

Users can check-in and check-out equipment easily on a tablet, or have staff approve beforehand. Staff can quickly see all equipment currently checked out and any upcoming reservations all in one place.

Full History

View a detailed list of a user's full checkout history right from their profile.


Limit Rentals to Qualified Users

For the more complex rentals (such as a boats or other equipment requiring certifications), we'll auto-check that your users are qualified BEFORE they make a reservation! You can also hide equipment a user is unqualified for, or have staff approve or deny rental requests.

Event, Trip and Class Scheduling

Event Pages

See all the details for your upcoming event, class or trip right on the event page- for example, the staff assigned, equipment or rooms reserved, any required prerequisites, payment information and more. You can also print out attendance rosters with selected custom fields to make sure you have all the info you'll need!

View and manage registrations. See who’s paid or might still need to be invoiced. (See Invoicing and Online Payments for more information on accepting payments.)

Instantly advertise to customized lists via email to increase your registration!

Detailed Calendar and Lists

At a glance, view all your upcoming events, classes and more for the day, week month and beyond!

Integrate directly into your existing website to show customers everything you have to offer, without having to log in.

Color coordinate your calendar for simplicity and easily filter by the events you want to view.

Flexible Scheduling

We get it – things happen. That’s why you can easily reschedule classes, swap registration and manage all your reservations from one place.

Have recurring classes or events? Save time and create new events directly from a customizable, preset template! If you need to make a global change, you can always synch all upcoming events right from the template.


Detailed Reporting


Financial Reports

With a multitude of financial reporting tools, track everything from general revenue to highly specific data.

General Reports

View your membership retainment, class participation, equipment checkouts and much, much more. You can even compare different date-ranges to see how your business has changed over time!


Export any report easily to CSV, or link your QuickBooks Desktop account.

Optional Add-Ons

Beautiful Craft CMS Website

Get a custom website built with Craft CMS and designed specifically to integrate with your RecHub blocks! You can add upcoming events, featured news, calendars and more in one, seamless site.

Looking for a real-life example? We built our own site using Craft CMS! You can also check out https://www.hoofers.org/ to see how we're able to incorporate some of the most common RecHub blocks, such as upcoming events, equipment availability and more.


Custom Domain and Seamless Transition

Already have a beautiful website? Copy over your navigation bar or website header for a seamless transition between your website and RecHub! We can also use a custom domain to help keep the look and feel of your existing website.