More time under the water, less time on the phone.

An all-in-one software to help you manage your scuba shop, rentals, lessons and more.

The Rundown

Keep trips, dives and lessons organized with online bookings and a calendar that updates in real-time.

Track inventory, sales and equipment checkouts with a flexible point sale.

Stop wasting paper and track maintenance online. Assign tasks and due dates to staff to keep everything running smoothly and safely.

Save time and money by switching to a software that does it all.

About RecHub

RecHub is an “all-in-one,” integrated software specifically designed for outdoor recreation organizations. It helps you manage:


Our platform is used by scuba schools, sailing clubs, university outdoor programs and other recreation-based organizations. See how RecHub can help you save time (and money) by scheduling a demo today.


Lindsey Waxman - Director of Operations at Puget Sound Sailing Institute

Lindsey Waxman

Director of Operations at Puget Sound Sailing Institute

RecHub has been a complete game changer for our business. The entire process from onboarding, installation, training and maintaining has been great. We can now operate smoothly, effectively and efficiently because of RecHub. We required quite a bit of unique customization in the beginning and Justin tackled it with professionalism and ease. We love that we can customize items that fit our product and business needs but also have the standard framework of RecHub to use for our business as well. We honestly don’t know what we did before we found them and look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future!

Joe Webb - Director of Outdoor UW 

Joe Webb

Director of Outdoor UW 

RecHub works great for Hoofers. Its ability to account for specific details and still be friendly to use is an excellent advantage for our club leaders and staff. I'm really excited to see the company grow and see the software being used by other programs. It has tremendous potential and can only improve from an already great program.

Travis Lund - Executive Director at Treasure Island Sailing Center

Travis Lund

Executive Director at Treasure Island Sailing Center

RecHub is a robust platform which can handle everything from registration and inventory to rentals and communication. Prior to RecHub we were working off Excel and paper wasting both time and resources. We have now streamlined many of our processes and improved our workflow. Not only it is a great tool, the support from the company is personal, hands-on and tailored to your needs. I give them a 10 out of 10!!