New Feature Alert: Calendar Integrations

Admins can now integrate filtered calendars and saved event searches into their own personal or club calendars. In this article, we'll show you how to upload a saved event search to a personal google calendar.

In order to create saved event searches, you'll need the Edit Event Categories permission. If you have this permission, you'll now notice a "Save Search" button at the top right of the Search for Events results page. To access previously saved searches, click on the "Saved Event Searches" button on the Search for Events page.

Saved event searches

First, select which filtered view you'd like to embed by searching for an event, or selecting one of the built-in searches.

New search options

When filtering your events, you'll also notice that we've reworded the "Future Only" and "Paid Only" options, as well as added the ability to search for events that only contain registrants or do not yet have leaders assigned.

Embed leading

Once you've selected your criteria and filtered, click on the "Save Search" button and name your new list. Then, you'll be able to view all of the embedding options. At the bottom of the list, you'll see the custom link generated to display in an iCal-compatible app (such as iOS, Google Calendar, Outlook, and many others).

Link to cal

Note: By creating any saved event search code, the list-view becomes PUBLIC and can be viewed regardless of permissions (if someone has access to the code). This is necessary to give you the option of embedding on your public website. You can learn more about our new Website Integrations here.

Google insert

Next, copy the link and insert it into your compatible app, such as Google or macOS Calendars. The saved search will have saved the criteria for the list (not the current events), so you'll now be able to see your iCal app update automatically as you update events in RecHub!

As a reminder, some sites and applications may cache the feed, which can lead to a delay of up to a few hours. This is a limitation on their end, so we do recommend you always check RecHub for the latest data.