New Feature Alert: Saved Event Searches and Easy Website Embedding

Lightbox demo

You can now integrate specific RecHub blocks directly into your website via an embedded iframe, or with a charming lightbox in the same window. Show your upcoming classes, highlighted events and more.

To display a filtered event list, you'll first need to Search For Events under the Events tab. If you'd like show a specific event category or categories, make sure to filter your search. Then, click on the new Save Search button at the top!

Save search button

This lets you create a saved event search, similar to the "View open events" search built right in. From here, you can create a special URL you can link to, embed into your website, or link with a calendar application. For example, if you have an "Intro to Windsurfing" page on your website, you might want to save a search with the title of "Upcoming Windsurfing Classes" and a code of "windsurf" to embed into your website.

Embed windsurf

We'll then create the custom code needed to display your new Windsurfing list. Want to see a live and in-action version of each? You can see an example at

Note: By creating any saved event search code, the list-view becomes public and can be viewed regardless of permissions (if someone has access to the code). This is necessary to give you the option of embedding on your public website.