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Save Time and Money

Automatic recurring billing, a built-in POS, financial reports and integrated credit card processing make collecting payments quick and easy.

Flexible Pricing Options

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An affordable option for small businesses and nonprofits alike.

Making under $100k ($150k for non-profit) annually? You automatically qualify for our "Small" plan at just $150 / month!

$185 /month

The Perfect Fit for Small Organizations
  • <100 Members
  • <250 Paid Events per year
  • Offer Rentals, Lessons and Social Events
  • Revenue under $100k annually ($150k for 501(c)3's)

Standard Pricing

Our standard pricing is based on your expected usage and varies by your needs. A lot goes into consideration for a quote. Think: size of organization, customizable features, monthly vs annual contract, and more. We'll work together to find the right fit.

Curious about what some of our current customers pay? Below are some examples of our current client pricing.

$395 /month

  • 400+ Members
  • 5,000 Paid Events per year
  • Offers Rentals, Lessons, Kids Camps, Social Events and Public Outings

$675 /month

  • 2,700+ Members
  • 10,000 Paid Events per year
  • Offers Rentals, Lessons, Youth Camps, Social Events, Corporate Events, Vacations and more

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  • Over 1,500 Members
  • Over 2,500 event registrations per year
  • Over 15,000 rentals per year
  • Offers Rentals, Charters, Lessons, Youth Camps, Social Events, Corporate Events, Vacations and more!

Some Important Information

  • Wondering what we mean by paid event? A paid event is anything that has a paid member or customer participation. This can be a surfing lesson, kayak rental, whale-watching cruise, overnight camping trip, annual BBQ, clubhouse rental, etc.
  • While your organization might be similar to one described above, please know that we consider a number of different factors when determining pricing. These examples, while reflections of actual customers, should only be considered as very rough estimates and not an actual quote for your business. Please contact us to receive an official quote.
  • All pricing is listed in USD and includes annual discount.